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Title: Playing with Fire
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: Leon;; Zack/Sephiroth/Cloud
Rating: PG
Warnings: OOCness, abuse towards toys, implied roughness in the bedroom. : D;
Author Note: This was more based on the combination of Sephiroth's three remnants. A bit of Loz, a bit of Kadaj and a bit of Yazoo were thrown into this one. It follows Play Time.
Summary: Sephiroth doesn't take very good care of his toys.

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Title: Play Time
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: Leon, Yuffie;; Zack/Sephiroth/Cloud, slight Zack/Sephiroth/Cloud/Leon
Rating: PG
Warnings: randomness, OOCness, other stuff
Author Note: This is kinda like part two to the other one, 'Liaison'.
Summary: Who doesn't want to play with the lion?

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Title: Catchy Tune
Fandom: Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth, Zack, Angeal, Genesis
Rating: PG
Warnings: Poor attempts at humor ahead. : D;
Author Note: xD I hate it when this happens so much.
Summary: Zack Fair has a bad habit.
Dedication: To every poor soul who suffers from this. xD

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Title: Hello, Mother
Fandom: Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud, Jenova
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for the Nibelheim incident
Author Note: Okay, so this isn't exactly how this was supposed to come out, but it did. I only had the first half planned out, but I dunno if I like it or not. It certainly was fun to write, Sephiroth's mentality during that time was obviously not what it should have been, so it's totally everywhere, but yeah. :3

Oh! I got the script from the internet, so yeah, it doesn't flow as nicely as it would in Crisis Core or the OAV, but I had no idea it'd go as far as he did.
Summary: "I am the chosen one. The chosen one to rule this planet."

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Title: Monsters
Fandom: Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Characters/Pairings: Angeal, Genesis, Sephiroth, Zack
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, unless you haven't played the game.
Author Note: This was originally going to be something for Sephiroth alone, and then I figured I could do something with the three friends and somehow, Zack wormed his way in. I'm actually very happy with how this turned out, even if it wasn't what I intended. Maybe I'll even do individual drabbles for each.
Summary: Created beings have no choice.
Dedication: No one

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