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Title: His Power
Fandom: Loveless/Kingdom Hearts x-over
Characters/Pairings: Riku/Sora
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, really
Author Note: This took me like ten tries before it came out right. I hope you enjoy it, Daddykins.
Summary: Riku has a power...
Dedication: Merry Christmas Daddy. It's short and I'll get you some Nami and Bya-tan stuff in a little bit, but I hope you like it anyway!

the power of loveless )
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Title: Clovers and Sheepies
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: Riku, Sora; Maybe RikuSora?
Rating: PG
Warnings: Sheepie!Riku, AU
Author Note: Got nuthin to say
Summary: Riku likes covers.
Dedication: This is for Daddy who found the cute pic that looks like sheepie!Riku and wanted to see this. Hope you like it!

clovers and the like )
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Title: Hide in the Shadows
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: Vincent; Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author Note: I've been writing Bleach like crazy lately, so I wanted to spice it up. The kh_drabble comm is awesome for inspiration. : D It doesn't really fit with the prompt, I guess, but that's where this came from. ^^ I wanna write more Vinnie...
Summary: Mickey has some... really reckless companions.
Dedication: For Daddy! Who has been awesomely patient while waiting for her crack. : D
Prompt: Don't get caught.

dwelling in the darkness )
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Title: Smiles of a Hero
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: Sora
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author Note: So yeah... I was inspired, once again, by this week's prompt in kh_drabble and thought, 'hey, I'm gunna write this'. xD I always have fun thinking about the prompts. I might have another... I dunno. :3 They're so fun to do.
Summary: And when Sora smiles, it's not just for everyone else.
Dedication: To my Daddy! : D

smiles can save a world starved for a pure heart )


Jul. 11th, 2009 01:49 am
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Title: Afraid of the Dark
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: Riku/Sora?
Rating: PG
Warnings: Um... nothing?
Author Note: This was originally going to be some Riku bondage. I decided to write that out in a word processor and make it pretty for another day or something. This idea came out much better than the first.
Summary: The Dark is a scary place for one so consumed with Light.
Disclaimer: Icons, you should know, are made by my Daddy and KH belongs to whoever made it.

damn the invention of the ice cream truck )
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Title: Fly!
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: RikuSora
Ratings: PG
Warnings: AU
Author Note: This was hard. >.> xD I know next to nothing about Peter Pan, so forgive me for the innaccuracies.
Summary: The power of flight isn't just for the light-hearted.
Disclaimer: I don't own the icon nor the fandom, obviously.
Dedication: This is for Daddy, for the beautiful icon and siggy! I hope you aren't disappointed!

I need to research Peter Pan... )
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Title: Sleeping Beauty!
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: RikuSora
Ratings: PG
Warnings: xD Spoilers? Not really, but...
Author Note: On a roll! Number four! Anyway, this didn't come out how I intended. It started out sad and fluffy, and turned out to be horrible humor in the end. xD; I used Riku from today in my chatplary with Daddy, so I blame you.
Summary: Sleeping Beauty and his prince on the beach.
Disclaimer: I don't own the icon nor the fandom, obviously.
Dedication: This is for Daddy, for... something that I think I owe her from like a long time ago. xD;

Sleeping Beauty... )
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Title: Pounce
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: Riku/Sora
Word Count: 1005
Rating: PG, just for Riku's thoughts
Warnings: Dirty thoughts. xD OOC?
Author Note: This randomly popped in my while purusing through the Kingdom Hearts Kink Meme. No, I didn't get it from there, but I'm tempted to try some of those out.
Summary: Sora does strange things when he's bored.
Disclaimer: The icon was made by Daddy!
Dedication: For Daddy's Valentines, in hopes that it will be a good one for her.

Hop )
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Title: Butterflies
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairings/Characters: Riku/Sora
Rating: PG13?
Warnings: RikuSora, need I say more?
Author Notes: I stole one of my Mori/Hani prompts for this. Forgive me, I'm exhausted, it's Christmas Morning and I can't sleep until /after/ Christmas Dinner, so, yeah. xD
Dedications: This is for Daddy for Christmas. I'll get your reward up soon when I think of something for Wizby.
Summary: He didn't have much of an interest in butterflies...

Butterfly Kisses )


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