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Title: The Solution is Always Booze
Fandom: Blood+
Characters/Pairings: David; Julia, Joel, Kai, Lewis, Glade
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers?
Author Note: The first part was kiinda hard to write. Gave me the shivers. xD; Still, I haven't written David before and I've been meaning to. Ah, he's an awesome guy. And his VA shares my b-day. :333 Anyway! Some angsty!David to share.
Summary: It's okay to have no hope here, because booze makes up for all of it.
Disclaimer: I don't own the icon or Blood+

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Title: Out of Time
Fandom: Blood+
Characters/Pairings: Karman/Moses; Kai
Word Count: 179
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really.
Author Notes: Another one. I dunno even if I have to put this here anymore. xD
Summary: There is no more time to debate it.
Disclaimer: Blood Plus is Gay is an uber awesome community and that's where I found the icon.

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Title: Drive
Fandom: Blood+
Characters/Pairings: Karman/Moses, Kai
Word Count: 180
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mm... none? Maybe spoliers, I guess.
Author Notes: Most of the ones for that episode of Karman and Moses and their death are sort of connected, so if it feels similar, that's why.
Summary: Lies or not, not even the sun an imminent death can stop him from doing this.
Disclaimer: Blood Plus is Gay is an uber awesome community and that's where I found the icon.

Prompt: #9 Drive )
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Title: Grand Canyon
Fandom: Blood+
Characters/Pairings: Kai
Word Count: 338
Rating: PG
Warnings: Maybe spoilers.
Author Note: Kai took this the hardest out of anyone. D:
Summary: What is left for him?
Disclaimer: Icon by my lovely Daddy.

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Title: Rooms
Fandom: Blood+
Characters/Pairings: Kai, Haji
Word Count: 272
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author Note: Poor Kai. xD Lewis fucks with him so much.
Summary: "Why does he get to stay in Saya's room?"
Disclaimer: Daddy makes my icons!

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