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Title: Dreams
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime)
Characters/Pairings: Anthy; Utena
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author Note: Written for Loki!
Summary: She is the Rose Bride. Dreams can be nothing but pain.

Dreams are said to be beautiful things.

People talk about their dreams all the time. The lives they wish to live, the people they want to be, the images that lie in only a fantasy and even if they are not attainable dreams, they are the things that make them happy.

Anthy had a dream once. She can't remember what it was, what it meant to her, but she knows that, before those swords struck her, she knew what it meant to dream and to live and to smile and not despise the person that smile was directed towards. She remembers when the world was more than simply Duels, more than Akio, more than being possessed by someone she hated.

But those memories are distant now, as if they were true dreams, fantasies conjured by a mind who sought more from life than to be this thing that returns to Akio that which he lost when the world's cruelty became too much.

She dreams, now, of swords and pain, of what she will have to do every day. She dreams of sickness at the human race, at her brother, at the Duelists that come to claim her. Their existences... she both longs for them and wishes they would disappear, that her dreams will, eventually, be nothingness because the pain of reality is quickly becoming too much for her to bare.

"Can't sleep? Nightmare?" She hears behind her, a sleepy Utena sitting up in her bed, rubbing her eyes,

Anthy smiles politely. "I'm fine. Utena-sama should rest."

"Yeah... you should get some rest too, Himemiya."

Utena rolls over, doesn't close those sleepy eyes until Anthy climbs in bed herself and the moment Anthy's head hits the pillow, Utena is out.

Her smile is less cold this time. It isn't about a front, about being the Bride of the Duelist. Does Utena realize it? Does she know what Anthy thinks about on nights like this, where she is frightened of those dreams of swords and pain and faceless people she despises? Would she still defend her as she does, if she did?

Her fingers itch to reach out and brush the lock of pink hair that falls into that peaceful face.

She rolls over, puts her back to her and stares coldly at the floor where the moon's beams fall. Utena is like the others. She is a threat, nothing will change that.

And yet, Anthy cannot help but want to reach out, to take her hand and accept the beautiful dream that Utena offers, that she lost so long ago.
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