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Title: Natural
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: Ukitake, Kyouraku
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author Note: Written for Battykins <3
Summary: They say he has natural talent.

Shunsui is a natural when it comes to his swordplay. That is what everyone thinks. Ukitake has known him for a long time, since their first days at the academy, when Shunsui had managed to intervene in a fight someone was willing to instigate over his white hair. Everything about Kyouraku seems to come easy. He flows through life and classes and even when it seems like it might require effort, such as chasing after a cute girl, he seems to do it effortlessly.

It does not surprise him when the other students whisper behind them as they combine their attacks against Yamamoto-sensei, muttering about his natural born abilities, how perceptive and precise his attacks are. Shunsui swings hard and fast, only to shunpo out of the way fast enough for him to make a swift strike from behind, as powerful as it is fast. Yamamoto-sensei is forced to guard.

They do not, however, realize how much Kyouraku does work. He trains himself hard, all alone, sometimes, even when Ukitake can provide a formidable sparring partner.

He sits in the window overlooking the training grounds, after dark, when students should not be wandering around, and watches the small form in the distance, swathed in shadow, swing the piece of wood with a certain precision that is all too natural for a young student in the academy.

What they don't understand is... Kyouraku works hard. Harder than people expect him to. He takes that future role as a shinigami seriously, even if he waves it off, treats it somewhat casually with the way he reacts in classes, speaks about his homework, treats kido and kendo practice.

Briefly, it seems as if Shunsui's turned and it catches Ukitake off guard. Before he can duck out of sight, he sees something that he shouldn't see from this distance, while his best friend is consumed in shadow. He sees his eyes and immediately understands.

'This is our little secret.'
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