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Title: Spice Cake
Fandom: Bleach/Kingdom Hearts
Characters/Pairings: Riku/Byakuya-bo
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author Note: For Daddy! I hope you like! Pre-existing 'relationship' between them.
Summary: It's just not a party without cake.


Riku stares at him. Sora might have looked at him as if he'd grown two heads and Kairi might have held a bit of sympathy for the boy, hands clasped over her mouth and plans to make one already processing in her mind. He on the other hand seems no more interested in the topic than he is walking down the street and getting into fights with the less... tolerable people. It's not a surprise. There are a lot of things this kid doesn't quite understand. Things like heart, like the value of a simple smile and, now very clearly, cake for one's birthday.

"You've never had cake?"

"I presume it's sweet, yes? I don't care for sweets," he answers, a little flicker of annoyance in those stormy gray eyes. Riku feels quite smug every time he helps encourage it.

"Everyone has cake on their birthday," he says, hiding the amusement and perhaps a shade of pity he feels for the brat. He can't help it. It's a little sad, really.

Byakuya huffs silently, pushing to his feet and clutching the bokken tightly in his fists. "I don't care for it." Is all he says before he goes back to vicious training.

Riku watches those long, graceful arcs, the quick twisting jabs, the fierce thrusts. His sword is much more efficient, much more graceful than Sora's. Today, however, he can't stay and watch. He's got things to do, people to see. He'll have to tease him another day. So there, in his spot, he leaves a little box. No note, nothing to say who it's from, but he's pretty sure that brat will know. Even spoiled brats deserve birthday presents, right?

He glances at the boy one last time, green and gray meeting so very briefly before Riku slips through that darkness that has a hold over him and he swears there a hint of sadness as that boy makes a particular move he's probably watched Riku doing himself so many times before. He smiles that smug smile, a promise he'll return to torment him another day.


He sits before that box, stubborn, refusing to open it. Of course that idiot human would leave it. And he doesn't want it.

But the longer he stares, the more his curiosity has trouble resisting. It's nothing special. Just a simple box, a little light, wrapped with some plain paper. He's never seen paper like it, it's sheen in the moonlight, the simplistic nature of it, it's smooth texture... and what lies inside must be a treasure. His pride kept him from opening it right away. What use does he have for pity from some commoner who asks foolish questions?

He frowns and surrenders, tugging at the bow, pulling off the paper and holding the soft box in his hands. He doesn't need him. He thinks he's stupid and he'll open it just so he can give him a reason to throw it back in his face.

So he opens it, peers down with the intent of ruining the hopes of that idiot commoner so he'll finally go away, leave him alone. He doesn't want anything to do with him.

When nothing jumps out, he sticks his finger in to see what sort of concoction it could be. Fluffy white frosting sticks to his finger and he can already smell it--the smell of sugar, of the things he hates about foods like this. Always so sweet, always those things that drive kids up the wall.

And Byakuya wipes it off on the edge of the box. Must be cake and he already told him he doesn't like cake. Why would he want it? Why would he even bother to leave it. He doesn't care for this gift.


Riku peers through the darkness clinging to the corner of the room. Beside the boy curled up on the floor is an empty box and a spot of frosting still smudged across a pale cheek. For someone who claimed he didn't like cake, he sure did eat it pretty fast.

He moves over, sits down next to him, staring at the rays of moonlight as they fall on the floor, remaining out of their reach. He even wipes off that bit of frosting, letting the brat sleep with dignity, at least.

"You really are still just a kid..."


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