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Title: Words of the Heart
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: Senbonzakura/Byakuya
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for 254?
Author Note: Can't sleep. -o-
Summary: Words.

The table can be found here.

Words are said to be powerful. They are said to be able to do many things, and he does not doubt. He has seen what words can do, what a person can say and the devastation it can cause. He knows, as well as anyone, the strength behind a simple phrase and how reality shattering it can be to one who wants those words the most.

But he does not believe they are necessary. There are times he gets the urge to speak, the need to vocalize his thoughts, his feelings. There are times he wishes he knew how to speak out, but somehow, it all seems pointless in the end.

"Are you okay?"

"Who do you think you're talking to?"

And he grins. Words are flaws. Words are unnecessary. No matter how trustworthy a person may seem to be, lies are spun on the tongue and weaved through the process of speech. Anyone can lie. It is what remains unspoken, what lies in that guarded heart, that one must look for, one must find. Perhaps he knows a little more on this subject than most.

After all, his master is a man of few words.
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